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Problem: I need to create shortcut to directory with custom icon in C# (there is no .NET API for that)

So far I've done: In my C# code I am quering IShellLink object (actually IShellLinkA), set it's target path via SetPath to @"S:\my\myDirectory\" (I also tried without last slash), set the icon via SetIconLocation to @"S:\my\myDirectory\icon.ico, 0", than call Save(@"S:\foo.lnk", true); In case this is important, the S: is a network drive with write access

I get shortcut with proper icon under explorer, but after double click I get error message in polish "Windows is searching for file myDirectory, if you know the location use browse function". When I right click the shortcut and choose properties, I get "Target type: file". When I manually create shortcut to directory under explorer, there is "Target type: directory"

I am surely missing something obvious, but I've spent last 30 minutes searching Google and MSDN for "shortcut/IShellLink to directory" and found nothing of use

Edit: Posting sources, as requested:

I am using IShellLink implementation from this site, my code is very simple:

ShellShortcut shortcut = new ShellShortcut(@"S:\foo.lnk");
shortcut.Description = "Sample item";
shortcut.IconPath = @"S:\my\myDirectory\icon.ico";
shortcut.IconIndex = Convert.ToInt32(0);
shortcut.Path = @"S:\my\myDirectory\";
shortcut.WorkingDirectory = @"S:\my\myDirectory\";
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What you describe sounds OK, can you post the actual code? – Jonathan Potter Mar 31 '13 at 21:08
@JonathanPotter Done – PiotrK Mar 31 '13 at 22:17
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It's seems I need new eyes :/ There was a hard to see typo (l instead of i) in path name...

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