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I currently have the following in my Gemfile:

gem 'voteable_mongo'#,       :github => 'kamilski81/voteable_mongo'

and I migrating my models into a .gemspec, but i'm not sure how this would look inside my gemspec. I currently have:

s.add_dependency "voteable_mongo"

But this ends up using the wrong dependenty (the original one I cloned) I would like to use my dependency. How could i point my gemspec dependency to my github repo?

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As stated in the gem specification, the list of gems that you provide through add_dependency will be use to make sure those are already installed in the system during the installation process (i.e gem install), hence a git option wouldn't make sense since this doesn't trigger any additional installation of any dependencies (like Bundler does).

So the answer would be, it is not possible to do what you're trying to do within a .gemspec

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