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My app contains 3 activities . Let's say A,B,C . A is start up activity. Now run app this way - A -> B -> C Now i press Home key (home screen appears). Now when i again press app icon to start app , then start with activity C at front. But i want my app always start with activity A when press app icon on home screen.

How can i do it ?

I don't want to kill application onPause() or OnStop(), but only want to kill when home button is pressed. I've googled allot to CATCH HOME BUTTON but couldn't succeeded.

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When starting Activities B and C, use the FLAG_ACTIVITY_NO_HISTORY flag with the Intent to prevent these Activities from being saved on the stack. When you'll leave the application and start it again from the launcher, Activity A will be started. Here's the code:

Intent intent = new Intent(A.this, B.class);

Hope this helps.

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try adding following tag with your launcher Activity on manifest file.

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