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I'm implementing authentication functionality in my application. When credentials are invalid I'd like to move on the same login page but with populated j_username textfield. But I see no way to do this.

my login.jsp:

<head> <!-- connecting javascripts and styles --> </head>
<c:set var="base" value="/myProject" /> 

    <form:form commandName="loginUser" method="POST" action="${base}/j_spring_security_check">
        <h3 align="center"><spring:message code="login.header" /></h3>
                <td align="right"><spring:message code="login.label.login" /></td>
                <td><input type="text" name="j_username" /></td>
                <td><div id="j_username" class="errors"><span id="j_username_stub"/><form:errors path="login" /></div></td>
                <td align="right"><spring:message code="login.label.password" /></td>
                <td><input type="password" name="j_password" /></td>
                <td><div id="j_password" class="errors"><span id="j_password_stub"/></div></td>
                <td align="right"><spring:message code="login.label.rememberme" /></td>
                <td><input type="checkbox" name="_spring_security_remember_me" /></td>
                <td align="right"><input type="submit" value="<spring:message code="login.button.login" />" /></td>


my spring-security.xml:

 <security:http pattern="/static/**" security="none" />

    <security:http use-expressions="true" authentication-manager-ref="authenticationManager">
        <security:http-basic />
        <security:intercept-url pattern="/jsp/login*" access="permitAll" />
        <security:intercept-url pattern="/jsp/admin/**" access="isAuthenticated()" />
        <security:logout logout-url="/logout" invalidate-session="true" delete-cookies="true" logout-success-url="/" />
        <security:anonymous username="guest" granted-authority="ROLE_ANONYMOUS"/>
        <security:remember-me key="sparkBitAuthToken" token-validity-seconds="864000" />

    <security:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
        <security:authentication-provider user-service-ref="userDetailsService">
            <security:password-encoder ref="encoder"/>

    <bean id="encoder" class="org.springframework.security.crypto.bcrypt.BCryptPasswordEncoder"/> <!-- bCrypt encoder -->

    <bean id="userDetailsService" class="com.myproject.web.authentication.SparkBitUserDetailsService" />

my loginController:

public class LoginController {

    public String getLoginPage() {
        return "login";

    @RequestMapping(value= "/loginFailed")
    public String getLoginPageOnError(Model model, @ModelAttribute("loginUser") LoginUserBean entity, BindingResult result, HttpServletRequest request) {
        result.rejectValue("login", "error.login.credentials", "Invalid credentials ...");
        return "login";

in my controller I have no data for filled form

Also I'm getting in stuck as on invalid credentials page refreshs without loading javascript. What can be wrong?

Thanks in advice

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See my answer to this question: stackoverflow.com/q/13035995/1700321. –  Aleksandr M Apr 1 '13 at 8:58
and how can I get userPrincipal from // public void onAuthenticationFailure(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, AuthenticationException exception) throws IOException, ServletException ? As I now know I shouldn't use AuthenticationException for this as all methods about getting user data are deprecated –  davs Apr 1 '13 at 9:17
IMHO, here is a better solution: stackoverflow.com/questions/8676206/… –  davs Apr 1 '13 at 9:44

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