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My hosting provider is with 1and1 and I need to know how to create a new table for a database after creating a new database. For this database, I will be calling it 'Interactive Map' (or if I am not allowed spaces or capitals, I will simply remove/replace, eg; 'interactivemap') and then create a table called 'Btn Data' (same applies regarding capitals and spaces).

              Object                               Shared On                     Like/Been to/Plan to/Recommend     
                                       FacebookTwitterGoogle+LikeBeenPlan ToRecommend
             Australia                1242       420     4281   435  643   1072        3452      

The table above consists of the following;

  • Object What is being shared/liked/whatnot
  • Shared on
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
  • I do/have/would
    • Like
    • Been
    • Plan To Go
    • Recommend

Firstly, I do not know if a database table can look like this, I have no idea on what a database format should be like, I can only presume judging by a database I loaded a while ago, looking at the table in Excell. It is to record information about a page I am setting up, it has multiple tabs and will not only have Australia on the table.

I would like to know how to set up a MySql database table alike the one I have made a mark up for above and how to either from my page creating buttons, make an additional line if the object does not exist, or to manually add the objects into my table.

The only thing I can truly say I understand is how to create a new database and enter the PHPMyAdmin page to enter that database and without help, I am really going to struggle.

Thank you for any time spent in following up my question and for any help and/or advice.

Best Regards,


Edit 1:

SQL query:

CREATE TABLE  `objects` (

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You table definately cannot look like this. OK, it might be, but it will be very hard to manage it in every way, so drop the idea of one table.

You will need at least 3 tables, with relations to each other. However, you should have got familiar with MySQL principles and relation in order to continue managing your database instead of creating it only once and forever.

Instead of only simple strings, you need indexes, on which will relate the things.

Example: Database interactivemap

Table objects

id  |   name        |

1   |   Australia   |
2   |   Aughanistan |

Table shared_on

id  |   object_id   |   shared_on   |   count   |

1   |   1           |   1           |   100     |
2   |   1           |   2           |   500     |
3   |   2           |   1           |   200     |
3   |   2           |   3           |   40      |

Table social_types

id  |   social      |

1   |   Facebook    |
2   |   Twitter     |
3   |   GooglePlus  |

Table action_types

id  |   action_type |

1   |   Like        |
2   |   Been        |
3   |   Plan_To     |
4   |   Recommended |

Table actions

id  |   object_id   |   social_id   |   what    |   count   |

1   |   1           |   1           |   1       |   500     |
2   |   1           |   1           |   2       |   300     |
3   |   1           |   1           |   3       |   100     |

It means every object has its own ID. Every Social network has its own ID Every Action has its own ID

So in table shared_on, on the first row you have object_id = 1 (related to table Objects.ID = 1 which is Australia), which is shared_on (related on Social.ID = 1) which is Facebook, 100 times (count) Second row, the same object, but shared on 2 (Twitter) 500 times. Third row, Object 2 (Aughanistan), shared on 1 (Facebook), 200 times.

In table actions you have relations: Object_id to Objects.ID Social_id to Social_types.ID what to action_type.ID

So, on the first row you have: Object.ID = 1 (Australia), on Social.ID = 1 (Facebook), has What = 1 (Likes) -> 500 (count)

Basically, you can insert rows, on the same relation. Use the tab Insert in phpMyAdmin

To have a query which joins the values, you can use i.e.:

  SELECT tb1.name, tb2.social, tb3.action_type, tb4.count
FROM `objects` AS tb1 
INNER JOIN `actions` AS tb4 
ON tb1.id = tb4.object_id
INNER JOIN `social_types` AS tb2
ON tb4.social_id = tb2.id
INNER JOIN `actions_types` AS tb3
ON tb4.what = tb3.id
WHERE tb3.action_type = 'Been';

which will output:

name        |   social      |   action_type |   count   |

Australia   |   Facebook    |   Been        |   300 |

No columns or tables are needed if object does not exist. All the logic should be defined in PHP and don't let INSERTs if the object is not presentable in objects table

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What a fantastic answer, thank you so much for your details explanation, of which has given myself more of an insight on how to accomplish the task at hand. I have now created the database and have found myself on the table create. It is asking for a name, of which will be 'Table_objects', it is also asking for a number of fields, of which I do not understand, I thought it would ask for column/rows? –  Tim Marshall Mar 31 '13 at 21:25
table_objects (I simply suggest to be only objects) should contain 2 fields, that's the columns: id and name. ID should be autoincrement index. name should be varchar –  Royal Bg Mar 31 '13 at 21:26
Oh dear, now it's asking forFie; ld, Type, Length/Values*, Collation. Attributes, Null, Default**, Extra, Table Notes. A couple of the fields have drop down boxes, the only field I think I know what should be is the first field for their ID Name 'Australia' and 'Aughanistan' in your example? –  Tim Marshall Mar 31 '13 at 21:30
While creating the table, you do not populate the values. It's afterwards, in most of the cases it could be controllable from the back-end of your program. Now you just architecturize the pattern. Screenshot: img820.imageshack.us/img820/148/createtable.png –  Royal Bg Mar 31 '13 at 21:37
Why have you chosen 255 for the length/value? –  Tim Marshall Mar 31 '13 at 21:54

Advice (no solution but it may help you):

Before creating any table I suggest you learn the basics about normalisation, primary and foreign keys, relational databases, etc. You will have to have ids in your tables so that they can reference each other and so on.

Maybe you want to read this: http://www.anchor.com.au/hosting/support/CreatingAQuickMySQLRelationalDatabase

For the syntax: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_create_table.asp

If you are looking for a good book on php, mysql I would recommend this:

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS 2nd Edition 2012
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