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I have a application that I need to scan for certain datatypes in the memory. To get some benchmarking tests, I whipped up this program :

long count = 0;

unsigned char *addr = 0;

HANDLE hProc = GetCurrentProcess();

while (true){

    if ( VirtualQueryEx( hProc, addr, &meminfo, sizeof( meminfo ) ) == 0 ){



    if ( ( meminfo.State & MEM_COMMIT ) && ( meminfo.Protect & WRITABLE ) ){

        addr = (unsigned char*)meminfo.BaseAddress + meminfo.RegionSize;






This program doesn't work, it blocks/crashes at the first memory chunk. And conceptually it fails too, ideally I need pointers to all of the variables in the current process, so I can check if they're of any relevance to me. I've google'd around for a while now to no avail, if someone could push me in the right direction that'd be great.

I know it's generally a bad idea to do this in the first place, I'd just like to know how it'd be done if I needed to do it.

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Probably just using a debugger might be the right way to a) spot the error in your program b) perform any type of process memory inspection you wish to achieve with your program. If on the other hand you're only concerned with some type of benchmarking there are tools like gprof specialized at this. –  mikyra Mar 31 '13 at 21:25
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