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I'm trying to render unicode in my erb template, e.g:

My seed:

Currency.create!(currency: 'USD', rate: 1.2805, title: 'U.S. Dollars', code: '\u0024', active: 1)


@currencies = []
Currency.where(:active => TRUE).each do |node|
   c = node.rate * 25
   c = number_to_currency(c, :precision => 2, :unit => node.code)
   @currencies.push(:currency => node.currency, :price => c)


    <% @currencies.each do |node| %>
            <%= node[:currency] %> - <%= node[:price] %>
    <% end %>

I expect this:

<option>USD - $32.01</option>

But I get the raw unicode output:

<option>USD - \u002432.01</option>

I've tried:

Adding a utf8 encoding meta attribute. Adding: <%# encoding: utf-8 %> to my template. And using .html_safe on the string.

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It's because you're using single quotes in your seed. It should be double quotes:

"\u0024" # => "$"
'\u0024' # => "\\u0024"
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