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i am trying to get jython running with the apt-module from python.

I have standard python2.7 installed as well as jython2.7. When running import apt in python everything is ok, but when running it in jython the module is not found. When extending the sys.path to the python2.7-installation like /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages the apt-package is found but it complains about not finding the apt-pkg-package (which is just some simple .so-file and not a real "package" in python).

What can be done here?

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apt_pkg is required by apt, and only implemented as a binary module. Unfortunately, jython cannot load these, so you're out of luck. You can either port apt_pkg to Java (you can simply create a shim with JNI), to pure Python, or use another mechanism (for example calling an apt frontend on the commandline and parsing its outputs).

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My goal is: To use the apt-binding of python to avoid parsing any command line output just to install a package out of a java frontend or to read information about the packages installed. The best way in this case would be to call real python-scripts out of java in the command line, let them write their output somewhere as JSON-file (or something else) and let java read this output to see what happened or to get the information needed for a given task. – Thomas Bode Apr 1 '13 at 10:25

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