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Does anybody know what the lufecyycle of a ti.app.property is in titanium?

I am wantng to do some stuff on application startup only, and was wanting to hold if the thing in question had occurred or not in a ti.app.property field. the problem is, i am unsure if this field, once set, will persist across the "home" button or "back" button being pressed.

So is there some place at suggests when a ti.app.property field is instantiated/destroyed etc?

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It persists till the app is deleted from your phone or you programmatically reset / delete it.

Exact quote from the documentation:

The App Properties module is used for storing application-related data in property/value pairs that persist beyond application sessions and device power cycles.

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sooooo... does that mean that each time a global value is set, there should be an accompanying check to see if it is null first? –  bharal Apr 1 '13 at 0:45
you can simply check whether it exists or not before (re)setting it: Ti.App.Properties.hasProperty('myProp') –  kernelpanic Apr 1 '13 at 7:02
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