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Hello I do not want to pay 99$ to upload an app so what is an alternative way I can upload my app for others to download, I am willing to put my app up for download for jailbroken phones. Thanks in advanced.

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jailbreak != off topic – Jonathan. Mar 31 '13 at 23:24
@Jonathan, app store questions are, though. – Michael Petrotta Mar 31 '13 at 23:26
@MichaelPetrotta, that question you linked to does not say that app store questions are off-topic. It specifically asks about Apple approval, which one could argue is subjective, and only answerable by Apple themselves. "What is an alternative to the App Store" is not in any way subjective, and is answerable by loads of people who don't work for Apple. Using an alternative to the official App Store requires technical steps that can only be performed by developers. It's not merely a business question. It's a programming question. – Nate Apr 1 '13 at 1:21
@user2230366, there's many choices for repos, if you do release an app through Cydia. BigBoss is one of them. Here's a good reference on how to use the BigBoss repo. – Nate Apr 1 '13 at 1:23
I read this as a business question ("what alternatives to the Apple app store are available?"), and not a programming question, @Jonathan. Let's see how the answers play out, though. – Michael Petrotta Apr 1 '13 at 1:31

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You can distribute your app via Cydia - this question has some good answers on the topic: How to build an app for Cydia store?

Obviously this significantly reduces the number of people that can use the application - but as long as you don't have an issue with that, it should work.

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