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I'm trying to implement a form to upload a file, but start to do operation when I click on a submit button, the problem is that a have a strange mistake and I don't know what's it, I made the example of the tutorial and it worked without problem, now I'm implementing the same but with index.html and it don't work.

The mistake is: "Error in if (input$uploadFasta == 0) return(NULL) : argument is of length zero"

my index.html is like:

<form class="span12 menu-med-upload">
    <div class="row-fluid">
          <div class="custom-input-file btn btn-inverse">
            <input type="file" size="1" id="fileFasta" class="input-file" />
        <button id="uploadFasta" type="button" class="btn action-button shiny-bound-input" >go!</button>

my server.R is like:

output$table <- renderText({
    if(input$uploadFasta == 0)

somebody know what's the problem, and thank for all and sorry if this topic was open before but I could not find.

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Action button is a custom input binding and I'll bet it's not being loaded.

Add a global.R file in the same directory as server.R, and have it contain this:


Then in your index.html, add the following to <head>:

<script src="actionbutton/actionbutton.js"></script>

(As always, be sure to have an explicit closing </script> tag--don't use <script />.)

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This is not a full answer - just an observation that I would put in a comment but I cannot yet due to lack of rep.

Shouldn't your if statement look like:

if(input$uploadFasta == 0){

If your return is on a new line, I think you need curly brackets around it?

EDIT: Also, this error typically appears when R is checking for something to exist... and it doesn't. Try options(error=recover) and see if it gives you some usable information on what is going on. My guess is that Shiny/R is checking for input$uploadFasta before it gets created.

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No, you don't need curly brackets. – hadley Apr 1 '13 at 12:44

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