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I am only using ActiveRecord to some development with a legacy Oracle database. My adapter is activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter ( So I don't want to AR handle the primary key generation. How to disable the primary key generated by a sequence?

class User < Activied::Base
  self.table_name = "users"
  self.primary_key = "user_id"

user =

Then I got the error:

stmt.c:230:in ORA-02289: sequence does not exist (OCIError)

When I change my code to

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.table_name = 'users'
  self.primary_key = "user_id"
  self.sequence_name = nil

I got another error:

stmt.c:230:in ORA-00936: missing expression (OCIError)

So is there anyone know how to manage the primary key manually? I just want to do some simple insert.


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do you solve this issue? – Sergey Chechaev Nov 5 '13 at 11:29
@SergeyChechaev I did :) – mic-kul Jan 18 '14 at 8:52

Maybe it's too late but finaly I found answer. Shortly:

self.sequence_name = :autogenerated

From the source code comment here:

Usage notes:

# * Key generation assumes a "${table_name}_seq" sequence is available
# for all tables; the sequence name can be changed using
# ActiveRecord::Base.set_sequence_name. When using Migrations, these
# sequences are created automatically.

# ***Use set_sequence_name :autogenerated **** with legacy tables that have
# triggers that populate primary keys automatically.**
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