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I created labels and textfields, but I named them to something that was wrong. Because I use Android I did tv_xxx <-- textview, and not tf_xxxx <--textfield...

So, what I did was I deleted the IBOutlets from the header file and the .m file. I also deleted them from the designer.cs file.

The designer.cs file, however, does not like this because it still thinks they are still existant.

this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key tv_xxxx

When I temporarily put the :

[Outlet]MonoTouch.UIKit.UITextField tf_xxx { get; set; }

It works... But is there anyway I can make it so it doesn't look for this anymore?

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In XCode, right click on your controller or view where the old outlets were.

A black popup should appear with all your outlets. You should see the old ones in the popup with warning exclamation points--delete them.

The key value coding-compliant error means you have an outlet defined in a XIB or Storyboard, but not on the class.

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