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as the title says I have that error I would greatly appreciate help me My code is below

this is in BTscan.c

t_btmanager     *bt_accessor(t_btmanager *tmp)
static t_btmanager  *bt_tmp = 0;
if (tmp)
bt_tmp = tmp;
return (bt_tmp);

int bt_scan()

bt_accessor(0)->status = 1;  ////Here's the problem
printf("registering hooks ...\n");
return (0);

and this one in BTscan.h

typedef struct  s_btmanager
char        status;
}       t_btmanager;

Thanks for your help

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... Do you ever initialize your bt_accessor with a real t_btmanager? I can imagine that if you never do that, bt_tmp will always be null, and trying to retrieve the status of a null pointer will give you your error. –  Xymostech Apr 1 '13 at 5:24

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bt_tmp will remain as 0 if tmp is 0. So it becomes NULL pointer and dereferencing null pointer bt_accessor(0)->status will cause an exception. Because memory address 0x0 is prohibited to be accessed.

I am not sure where the EXC_BAD_ACCESS exception comes, but I guess it is coming from Mach kernel virtual memory manager.

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