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I have a div with this style


When i write text string in this div , a long text is wrap and enter to a new line .

enter image description here

I want to sub string this long text depend on the width of div (240px).

enter image description here

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Add this to div style


Note: text-overflow: ellipsis property is supported in Internet Explorers 6 & 7, Safari 3 & 4, Chrome 1 &2, it requires special handling for IE 8 Standards Mode, Opera, and FireFox. See here for further browser support.

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Thanks Hasan :) – zey Apr 1 '13 at 6:28

You can use .Substring() method in c# code while displaying the categories menu.

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you can use the css property text-overflow=ellipsis to do this in the browser

 <li style="text-wrap:ellipsis">really really really really really really long</li>
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