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I hope that the title was good enough to help explain what is needed. After solving this much of my project should be done.

When I did this

    char e[1000] = "HELLO";
    CString msg;
    msg.Format(_T("%s"), e);

the messagebox just show me random words like "㹙癞鞮㹙癞鞮" instead of the "HELLO" i wanted. How do I solve this problem??

Helps would be appreciated. Thank You

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First of all, are you really using MessageBox API that way. Check the MSDN Documentation. Now to your question,

char e[1000] = "HELLO";
CString msg;
msg.Format(_T("%S"), e); // Mind the caps "S"
MessageBox( NULL, msg, _T("Hi"), NULL );

I think, you do not even need to Format data here. You can use::

TCHAR e[1000] = _T("HELLO") ;
MessageBox( NULL, e, _T("Hi"), NULL ) ;

This way, if _UNICODE is defined, both TCHAR and MessageBox would get chosen as WCHAR and MessageBoxW and if not defined as char and MessageBoxA.

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+1 for detailed description. –  user1696837 Apr 1 '13 at 6:41

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