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Suppose that I have the following variables:

suits = ["h","c", "d", "s"]
cards = ["2","3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "t", "j", "q", "k", "a"]
deck = []

for suit in suits:
    for card in cards:

I'd like to write a function that, given a specific card, generates the possible combinations of pairs.

For instance, generatePairs('a') should return something like:


but I'm not sure how to approach writing that function.

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Use itertools.combinations –  Volatility Apr 1 '13 at 6:47
ah neat, can you point me towards which functions I'd use in this example? –  fox Apr 1 '13 at 6:49
itertools.combinations is a single function. It is the combinations function in the itertools module. –  Karl Knechtel Apr 1 '13 at 6:50

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In [7]: import itertools

In [8]: c = 'a'

In [9]: ['%s%s%s%s' % (c, s1, c, s2) for (s1, s2) in itertools.combinations(suits, 2)]
Out[9]: ['ahac', 'ahad', 'ahas', 'acad', 'acas', 'adas']
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you require something like

In [5]: deck = []

In [6]: for i in itertools.combinations(suits, 2):
   ...:     for j in cards:
   ...:         deck.append(j+i[0]+j+i[1])

In [7]: print deck
['2h2c', '3h3c', '4h4c', '5h5c', '6h6c', '7h7c', '8h8c', '9h9c', 'thtc', 'jhjc', 'qhqc', 'khkc', 'ahac',
', '3h3d', '4h4d', '5h5d', '6h6d', '7h7d', '8h8d', '9h9d', 'thtd', 'jhjd', 'qhqd', 'khkd', 'ahad', '2h2s'
3s', '4h4s', '5h5s', '6h6s', '7h7s', '8h8s', '9h9s', 'thts', 'jhjs', 'qhqs', 'khks', 'ahas', '2c2d', '3c3
4c4d', '5c5d', '6c6d', '7c7d', '8c8d', '9c9d', 'tctd', 'jcjd', 'qcqd', 'kckd', 'acad', '2c2s', '3c3s', '4
 '5c5s', '6c6s', '7c7s', '8c8s', '9c9s', 'tcts', 'jcjs', 'qcqs', 'kcks', 'acas', '2d2s', '3d3s', '4d4s',
', '6d6s', '7d7s', '8d8s', '9d9s', 'tdts', 'jdjs', 'qdqs', 'kdks', 'adas']
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