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I have two tables, namely

USER_ROLE  {user_id, Role} PK {user_id, role}
ROLE_PERMISSION  {role, permission} PK {role, permission}
  1. A User can have multiple Roles.
  2. A Role can be mapped to multiple Permissions.

I have a entity - USER that maintains information about the User. This info is fetched via LDAP (not DB) on first login. Now, for my authorization aspects, I need to also fetch dtls on User's permissions from above mentioned tables.

So I would imagine adding attributes to my existing USER entity


   // Authorization
   List<String> roles;
   List<String> permissions;

Can someone pls help how I can use JPA to populate the roles and permissions Lists? Looked over internet, can't figure it out. thanks

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I would create a USER table in your database and map it to a User object with the role and permissions. The User object then would include additional LDAP data.

Without a USER table you have nothing to map to.

Otherwise just query for the database using native SQL queries and populate your LDAP user object yourself.

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thanks James. I created two Entities for USER_ROLE and ROLE_PERMISSION and then used JPA Query to retrieve information from DB and then coded to populate the User entity. Not very elegant solution, but does the work for now. – Rohit Apr 2 '13 at 9:23

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