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In some cases default values make more sense than optionals in case classes:

case class Car(numberOfWheels:Int = 4, color:String)

case class Car(numbeOfWheels:Option[Int], color:String) //silly

In the first case I'd expect to be able to easily convert the following json to an instance:


But with a standard jsonFormat2(Car), spray-json complains about missing value for numberOfWheels.

How do I work around this most cleanly?

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I stumbled upon the same problem. I've create a patch that solves it for me. It makes fields with a default value optional.


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I have never used spray, but here's my guess about what may work:

case class Car(numberOfWheels: Int, color: String) {
  def this(color: String) = this(4, color)

object Car {
  def apply(color: String) = new Car(color)

Maybe now jsonFormat1(Car) will work.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but, it's not quite that simple unfortunately. –  iwein Apr 2 '13 at 6:28
This would work if you point spray-json to the proper apply function by doing jsonFormat1(Car.apply) –  iwein May 24 '13 at 14:19

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