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I have a list of strings like

['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHIJ']

and I want a list of strings containing the first letter of each string, i.e.

['A', 'D', 'G'].

I thought about doing that using map and the function that returns the first element of a list: my_list[0]. But how can I pass this to map?


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You should use a list comprehension, like @avasal since it's more pythonic, but here's how to do it with map:

>>> from operator import itemgetter   
>>> L = ['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHIJ'] 
>>> map(itemgetter(0), L)
['A', 'D', 'G']
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thanks, for showing both ways. –  Elrond1337 Apr 1 '13 at 10:03
@Elrond1337 No problem, this method would be faster but it would only be premature optimization and would go unnoticeable in almost every situation. Definitely go with the better looking list comp –  jamylak Apr 1 '13 at 10:05

you can try

In [14]: l = ['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHIJ']

In [15]: [x[0] for x in l]
Out[15]: ['A', 'D', 'G']
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note: lowercase l can be confused with the number 1. You should change your list name. –  jamylak Apr 1 '13 at 10:01

use list comprehension like so:

results = [i[0] for i in mySrcList]
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One way:

l1=['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHIJ']
l1=map(lambda x:x[0], l1)
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for i in a:

b is the array you need.

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Try this.

>>> myArray=['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHIJ']
>>> newArray=[]
>>> for i in map(lambda x:x[0],myArray):
...     newArray.append(i)
>>> print(newArray)
['A', 'D', 'G']
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