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I have this code:

    john<input type="checkbox" onchange="javascript:hideshow(document.getElementById(this.value),this)" value="value1" checked="true">
    jhonny<input type="checkbox" onchange="javascript:hideshow(document.getElementById(this.value),this)" value="value2" checked="true">
    jack<input type="checkbox" onchange="javascript:hideshow(document.getElementById(this.value),this)" value="value3" checked="true">
<ul id="numeric">
    <li id="value1" data-value="info1">
        <div id="info1" contenteditable="true">john</div>
    <li id="value2" data-value="info2">
        <div id="info2" contenteditable="true">jhonny</div>
    <li id="value3" data-value="info3">
        <div id="info3" contenteditable="true">jack</div>
<input type="submit" id="send1" value="save" class="button" onclick="action()">

and this script:

function hideshow(e, ev) {
    if (ev.checked) {
        e.style.display = "block";
    } else {
        e.style.display = "none";
function action() {
    var values = $('#numeric li').map(function () {
        return $(this).attr('data-value');
    $lis = $("#numeric li").length;
    var n = $lis;
    var a="";
    for ($i = 0; $i < n; $i = $i + 1) 
        a = (a + (document.getElementById((values[$i])).innerHTML) +". ");
    alert (a);

The Output is : This

Here the check boxes are linked to the list items in UL. Checking/unchecking them hides/shows the respective list item. another thing is that the list items are editable. In my code they are even draggable. when i click save the list items are concatenated and saved in a variable along with the changes made in them.

The only thing which is missing is when i hide a list item(i.e. uncheck it) it shoudnt get concatenated in the variable.

Ex: if i uncheck all the items then the variable should be empty. But here even if all are hidden the variable consists all the values.

I dont know how to do it. can anyone help me. Thank you

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You're not checking if the elements are visible in your action(). Try something like:

function action() {
    var a = '';

    $('#numeric li:visible').each(function(index) {
        a += $.trim($(this).text()) + '. ';


(I took the liberty of simplifying some of the surrounding code too.)

You can get rid of the data-value attributes now too, we're not using them anymore.

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thank you. its simple and efficient. –  s.mujahid8 Apr 4 '13 at 6:50

Try like below... it will help you...

Updated Fiddle : http://fiddle.jshell.net/dZ5ZC/9/

        var id = values[$i]; // Get the ID 
        var element = document.getElementById(id); // Get the Element by ID
        if (element.offsetWidth !== 0 || element.offsetHeight !== 0)  //Check the element isVisible or Not
        a = (a + (document.getElementById((values[$i])).innerHTML) +". "); // Assignt he Value to Variable
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You can use the selector like this $('li:visible') and will only select the visible LIs

PS: Element IDs should always be unique $("#numeric li") this may cause a lot of problems in some browsers, if you want to group several elements, use class not id and select them like this $(".numeric li:visible")

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