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I'm trying to make code comparing two object in various types which is stored as System.Object.

I tried this code:

object a = GetValue(..);
object b = GetValue(..);
Type t = FindCommonType(a, b);
return a < b;

The result of GetValue is an instance in one of following types: long, double, string, bool and my own class

Method FindCommonType returns an instance of System.Type, what it does are:

  1. If the actual type of passed arguments are identical, then it returns typeof(a) which is also in respect to typeof(b).

  2. If the types are different, converts b to typeof(a) and returns typeof(a).

  3. The returning instance of System.Type could be one of following: typeof(long), typeof(int), typeof(double) and typeof(float).

For example, if a = (long)123 and b = "123", then it converts b to long and returns typeof(long), the code then compares them.

But the comparison a < b is currently unsuccessful.

How can I compare two objects in various types which are in respect to Type t holds?

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All listed types implement IComparable. Cast your objects to IComparable interface and do comparison using IComparable.CompareTo method –  Alexander Apr 1 '13 at 11:28
thanks... Please post it as answer... –  user35443 Apr 1 '13 at 11:31

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