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I have WCF Data Service (from sample MS Northwidth database), my Android app requesting data from this service with code:

NorthdataService service = new NorthdataService();
Query<Customers> query = service.createCustomersQuery("/Customers");
for (Customers cust : query){
        Log.d(log_tag, "Customer Name - " + cust.getCustomerId());

I try query customer Orders:

Log.d(log_tag, "Orders - " + cust.getOrders());

and see Orders - null

Also I know that the data on Orders can I get a request:


I try query:

for (Customers cust : query){
        Log.d(log_tag, "Customer Name - " + cust.getCustomerId());
        String custName = "/Customers" + "('" + cust.getCustomerId() + "')" + "/Orders";
        Query<Customers> cquery1 = service.createCustomersQuery(custName);
        for (Customers orders : cquery1){
            Log.d(log_tag, "Orders2 - " + orders.toString());
        catch(Exception e){}

I see result:

Orders2 - northwindmodel.Customers@40b49f68  
Orders2 - northwindmodel.Customers@40c1de10  
Orders2 - northwindmodel.Customers@40bdaea8  
Orders2 - northwindmodel.Customers@40a6d238  

How get all OrderID from one Customer?

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The URI ~/Customers('ALFKI')/$links/Products identifies the set of products related to the Customer with Id='ALFKI'.

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Yes I know how to get all OrdersID for ALFKI? –  xck Apr 2 '13 at 3:11

Oh, Yes! I solved My "problem"... solution very simple, need use in FOR construction Orders Query.

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