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Can any one tell me which function in gcc source code is responsible for finding a macro in C file and repalce it with actual value ?

I want to know the function as I have to take log by making changes to it, so that at the end my log file will contain where all macro is used and its line number .

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It's done by the preprocessor, prior to generating the output file. If you want to see what it is doing, try gcc -E

From man gcc:

-E  Stop after the preprocessing stage; do not run the compiler proper.
    The output is in the form of preprocessed source code, which is sent to
    the standard output.
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Thanks for the reply .But I wanted exact funtion in gcc source which finds and replaces the macro . –  user2060958 Apr 2 '13 at 13:56
Current GCC has the preprocessor embedded in the compiler, it is not a separate program anymore. –  vonbrand Apr 4 '13 at 20:48

I recommend using clang for this type of task. It is pretty well documented and you don't need to change its source, as it's extendable with a plugin system.

In your case you create a plugin based on the PPCallbacks class and override its MacroExpanded method, and any other method you find useful. This is an easy starting point.

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