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I have a table which contains rows like below

ID  User      Department
1   User1     Admin
2   User1     Accounts
3   User2     Finance
4   User3     Sales
5   User3     Finance

I need a select query which results following format

ID  User      Department
1   User1     Admin,Accounts
2   User2     Finance
3   User3     Sales, Finance
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You tagged the question with both sql-server and plsql so I will provide answers for both SQL Server and Oracle.

In SQL Server you can use FOR XML PATH to concatenate multiple rows together:

select distinct t.[user],
  STUFF((SELECT distinct ', ' + t1.department
         from yourtable t1
         where t.[user] = t1.[user]
            FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE
            ).value('.', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') 
        ,1,2,'') department
from yourtable t;

See SQL Fiddle with Demo.

In Oracle 11g+ you can use LISTAGG:

select "User",
  listagg(department, ',') within group (order by "User") as departments
from yourtable
group by "User"

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

Prior to Oracle 11g, you could use the wm_concat function:

select "User",
  wm_concat(department) departments
from yourtable
group by "User"
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MYSQL: To get column values as one comma separated value use GROUP_CONCAT( ) function as

GROUP_CONCAT(  `column_name` )

for example

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(  `column_name` ) 
FROM  `table_name` 
LIMIT 0 , 30
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In Sql Server you can use it.



    UserName varchar(30) NOT NULL 


INSERT INTO @UserMaster VALUES (1,'Rakesh')

INSERT INTO @UserMaster VALUES (2,'Ashish')

INSERT INTO @UserMaster VALUES (3,'Sagar')

SELECT * FROM @UserMaster


@CSV = COALESCE(@CSV + ', ', '') + UserName from @UserMaster 

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For Oracle versions which does not support the WM_CONCAT, the following can be used

  select "User", RTRIM(
     XMLAGG (XMLELEMENT(e, department||',') ORDER BY department).EXTRACT('//text()') , ','
     ) AS departments 
  from yourtable 
  group by "User"

This one is much more powerful and flexible - you can specify both delimiters and sort order within each group as in listagg.

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For Mysql:

SELECT t.user,

(SELECT GROUP_CONCAT( t1.department ) FROM table_name t1 WHERE t1.user = t.user)department

FROM table_name t GROUP BY t.user LIMIT 0 , 30

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SELECT name, GROUP_CONCAT( section ) FROM tmp GROUP BY name

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