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I need to find all the strings placed between START and END, escluding PADDING substring from matched string. The best way I've found is

$r="stuffSTARTthisPADDINGisENDstuffstuffSTARTwhatPADDINGIwantPADDINGtoPADDINGfindENDstuff" ;
> thisiswhatIwanttofind

I want to do this with the smallest code size possible: there a shorter with only preg_match_all and no str_replace, that eventually returns directly the string without join arrays? I've tried with some lookaround expressions but I can't find the proper one.

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Is PADDING the literal text that will be between START and END? Otherwise, what kind of characters will PADDING be? –  Kenneth K. Apr 1 '13 at 12:04
PADDING is a fixed ascii string –  Emilio Apr 1 '13 at 12:05

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echo preg_replace('/(END.*?START|PADDING|^[^S]*START|END.*$)/', '', $r);

This should return you thisiswhatIwanttofind using a single regular expression pattern


END.*?START  # Replace occurrences of END to START
PADDING      # Replace PADDING
^[^S]*START  # Replace any character until the first START (inclusive)
END.*$       # Replace the last END and until end of the string
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$r="stuffSTARTthisPADDINGisENDstuffstuffSTARTwhatPADDINGIwantPADDINGtoPADDINGfindENDstuff" ;
var_dump(implode(' ',$m[1]));

would work but I guess you want something faster.

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You can also use use preg_replace_callback like this:

$str = preg_replace_callback('#.*?START(.*?)END((?!.*?START.*?END).*$)?#', 
           function ($m) {
               return str_replace('PADDING', '', $m[1]);
           }, $r);

echo $str . "\n"; // prints thisiswhatIwanttofind
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