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I want to integrate like functionality in iOS/android app. I am developing service for that. My question is : I have table called songs in which I have song details



so on. I have second table called userlike where user like inforamation are stored.


My main problem is that I want to return all song details with like value information for particular user.If uer has not like it then I may send 'zero' or null in my JSON. How to build this query? I need song data and like value if user has liked it.

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What did you try so far? –  TheEwook Apr 1 '13 at 12:13
@TheEwook Read this: “What have you tried” epidemic –  John Woo Apr 1 '13 at 12:16
what is the column like in userlike? –  didierc Apr 1 '13 at 12:16

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try this

select s.song, s.song_id from song s , userlike u where u.user_id = your userId;
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assuming userlike.like is boolean value

SELECT like.song, like.song_id,
from like left join userlike on like.song_id=userlike.song_id
and userlike.user_id=/*your userid*/
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Sounds like you need to use an OUTER JOIN:

SELECT s.song_id, s.song, u.like
FROM song s 
    LEFT JOIN userlike u 
        ON s.song_id = u.song_id 
            AND u.user_id = @userId

Putting the userId in the Join will ensure the song is returned even if the user hasn't liked it.

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select songs.song_id as song_id , songs.station_id as station_id , songs.song_file as song_file , userlike.user_id as user_id ,  COALESCE(userlike.like, 0) as like 
            FROM songs LEFT JOIN userlike
            on songs.song_id = userlike.song_id
            and userlike.user_id = 'your particular user'

The above sql should work. Please look for table name and column names for correction.


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