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I am using Oracle Sql Developer to write a Stored Proc, which accepts a list of values separated by "," (dynamic sql) and use this variable in "in" clause to fire a query from a table.

But i am ending up with an error at

@p_case_nbr       varchar2(100),

Error(4,5): PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "@" when expecting one of the following: current delete exists prior

The SP used:

    create or replace
procedure TEST_PROC
    @p_case_nbr       varchar2(100),
    p_out_case_nbr    out varchar2 
  cursor test_cur is
      select t.COLUMN1
      from test_table t
      where t.column1 in (@p_case_nbr);

      test_cur_line  test_cur%ROWTYPE;

p_out_case_nbr := null;

  open test_cur;
      FETCH test_cur INTO test_cur_line;
      EXIT WHEN test_cur%NOTFOUND;

      p_out_case_nbr := p_out_case_nbr || ' ' || test_cur_line.COLUMN1;

   end loop;
  close test_cur; 

  dbms_output.put_line('Final Value ' || p_out_case_nbr);
  dbms_output.put_line('SP Completed Succesfully');
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In ORACLE no need of giving @ before varibles Just try to remove the @ from @p_case_nbr where ever specified and try once again and also no need of specifying the size of the parameter like @p_case_nbr varchar2(100) just give @p_case_nbr varchar

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Hi, I tried this approach without @ symbol in oracle, but this didn't help. It always treated the string as a direct value to search for, instead of preparing a Dynamic query. But when i tried to debug to check what was the value passed to p_case_nbr. It was passed as a perfect ',' separated values. p_case_nbr '00100999996544413869','00100999996544414064','00100999996544413470'‌​ VARCHAR2. However the query thought the values with "," is the entire value to search for. –  Bandi Kishore Apr 1 '13 at 13:05
What is the error message you are facing after removing @ –  Aspirant Apr 1 '13 at 13:13
what do you mean by dynamic sql in you program if you want values to be checked at where t.column1 in (p_case_nbr); then while calling the proc just pass '00100999996544413869,00100999996544414064,00100999996544413470' –  Aspirant Apr 1 '13 at 13:26
I am not facing any error if i remove @ symbol but there is no output either. I tried this with set serveroutput on; variable out_var1 varchar2; exec TEST_PROC ('00100999996544413869,00100999996544414064,00100999996544413470', :out_var1 ); print :out_var1; and with exec TEST_PROC ('''00100999996544413869'',''00100999996544414064'',''00100999996544413470''', :out_var1 ); but there was still no output. however this query fetches me the result when i run it manually select t.COLUMN1 from test_table t where t.column1 in ('00100999996544413869','00100999996544414064','00100999996544413470') –  Bandi Kishore Apr 5 '13 at 16:49

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