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When pressing the 'Register' button, VS 2012 is giving me an error in an sql statement

sqlValidate = "SELECT * FROM users  where username=" + txtUsername.Text.ToString

The error being:

Invalid column name 'cdarwin' 

Where 'cdarwin' is the username entered in txtUsername.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

This is the full code for the sub:

  Public Sub register()

        Dim Username As String = txtUsername.Text
        Dim Surname As String = txtSurname.Text
        Dim Password As String = txtPassword.Text
        Dim Name As String = txtName.Text
        Dim Address1 As String = txtAddress1.Text
        Dim Address2 As String = txtAddress2.Text
        Dim City As String = txtCity.Text
        Dim Email As String = txtEmail.Text
        Dim Country As String = drpCountry.Text
        Dim DOB As Date = calDOB.SelectedDate
        Dim Occupation As String = txtOccupation.Text
        Dim WorkLocation As String = txtWorkLocation.Text
        Dim Age As Integer = Date.Today.Year - calDOB.SelectedDate.Year

        Dim ProjectManager As String = "N/A"
        Dim TeamLeader As String = "N/A"
        Dim TeamLeaderID As Integer = "1"
        Dim ProjectManagerID As Integer = "1"

        Dim RegistrationDate As Date = DateTime.Today
        Dim ContractType As String = "N/A"
        Dim ContractDuration As Integer = 6
        Dim Department As String = "N/A"

        Dim conn As New SqlConnection("Data Source=BRIAN-PC\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=master_db;Integrated Security=True")
        Dim registerSQL As SqlCommand
        Dim sqlComm As String

        Dim validateSQL As SqlCommand

        Dim sqlValidate As String

        sqlValidate = "SELECT * FROM users  where username=" + txtUsername.Text.ToString

        sqlComm = "INSERT INTO users(Username, Password, Name, Surname, Address1, Address2, " +
            "City, Country, date_of_birth, age, Occupation, department, work_location, " +
            "project_manager,team_leader, team_leader_id, project_manager_id, " +
            "date_registration, contract_type, contract_duration) " +
            "VALUES(@p1, @p2,@p3,@p4,@p5,@p6,@p7,@p8,@p9,@p10,@p11,@p12,@p13,@p14,@p15," +


        validateSQL = New SqlCommand(sqlValidate, conn)
        Dim dr As SqlDataReader = validateSQL.ExecuteReader()

        If dr.HasRows = False Then

            registerSQL = New SqlCommand(sqlComm, conn)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p1", Username)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p2", Password)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p3", Name)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p4", Surname)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p5", Address1)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p6", Address2)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p7", City)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p8", Country)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p9", DOB)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p10", Age)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p11", Occupation)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p12", Department)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p13", WorkLocation)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p14", ProjectManager)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p15", TeamLeader)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p16", TeamLeaderID)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p17", ProjectManagerID)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p18", RegistrationDate)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p19", ContractType)
            registerSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@p20", ContractDuration)



        ElseIf dr.HasRows = True Then

            lblUsername.Text = "That Username (" + txtUsername.Text + ") is already registered/taken."
            lblUsername.Visible = True

        End If

    End Sub
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With the exception of not using parameterized queries (vulnerable to sql injection), you need quotes around your string:

sqlValidate = "SELECT * FROM users  where username='" + txtUsername.Text.ToString + "'"

Without the quotes, SQL Server is trying to interpret "cdarwin" as a column name.

Here is a mockup of using parameterized queries:

sqlValidate = "SELECT * FROM users  where username=@user"
validateSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@user", txtUsername.Text)
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Thanks that worked! –  Brian Apr 1 '13 at 12:56
@Brian -- np, glad we could help! –  sgeddes Apr 1 '13 at 12:56

Use a query like

sqlValidate = "SELECT * FROM users  where username='@UserName'"

Use parametrized queries to send your data.
Your current code is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

validateSQL.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UserName", txtUsername.Text.ToString)
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