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I am a student, I have a project for a client, they are running Drupal 6. I need to upgrade it to Drupal 7 to I can install CiviCRM.

What is the best way to do this? If you can take a look at the website, I think it is a very basic website, so do you imagine I would have any trouble upgrading?

Also, I only have FTP access to the website files, I do not have database access. Will this be a problem for me?

Thank you!

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"Also, I only have FTP access to the website files, I do not have database access. Will this be a problem for me?" Yes. – ceejayoz Apr 1 '13 at 13:50

Option A: Upgrade

  1. Definition: Replace D6 code with D7 code;
  2. run upgrade scripts on D7
  3. database Good only for really basic sites Most like your old site

Option B: Migrate

  1. Definition: Install new D7 site from scratch with new database; import content,
  2. Views, users, etc.
  3. Clean Codebase
  4. Old content can be left out
  5. Retweak IA
  6. Tweak Data Model
  7. Con: Content Cleanup takes time

There migration tools that can be used

  1. Features - Allows you to export content-types, users and structures (e.g. Taxonomy, Image-styles, etc.) into a module-like package An excellent guide is available here:

  2. Feeds - Feeds is a contributed module that allows one to import and export content from a csv, xml, or rss format. Visit the feeds project page for more information.

  3. For "node-content" export/import use the "Node Export" module.

Useful links :

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Upgrading a drupal site from a major version to the next one is a challenging task, no matter how "basic" is the site involved. You should definitely do that on a copy of your website in a development environment and deploy the upgraded version only after you have it fully tested.

To do that you most certainly need to have a copy of the site's database: if you can't access the db server directly you can try one of a number of modules that can help you to do that (e.g.

You need to read the upgrade guide thoroughly ( and follow all the links).

And, as CivicCRM actually has a Drupal 6 version, you might want to consider to stick with D6...

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