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i have list of links in a div...when i clicked on link i want to load the link content in another div in the same page, here is my code :

<title>REAL MADRID</title>
a:link {color:white;text-decoration:none;}
a:visited {color:white;text-decoration:none;}
a:hover {color:white;text-decoration:none;color:red;}
<div style="width:350px;">

 <div style="padding:20px;border-radius:10px;border:10px groove #FFCC00;">

            <div style="padding-bottom:20px;">
                <center><img src="real.gif" style="width:170px;"></center>

  <div style="border-radius:10px;border:10px groove red;">

   <div style="padding:40px;background-color:blue;text-align:center;color:white;font-family:verdana;font-size:14pt;">

            <div style="padding-bottom:20px;">
                <a href="history.html"><h3>History of Club</h3></a>
            <div style="padding-bottom:20px;">
                <a href=""><h3>Photos Gallery</h3></a>
            <div style="padding-bottom:20px;">
                <a href=""><h3>Hall of Fame</h3></a>
            <div style="padding-bottom:20px;">
                <a href=""><h3>History of Club</h3></a>



<div id="linkcontent"></div>

can i do that by a very simple js function ? any suggestions?

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Learn about Ajax or iframes. –  epascarello Apr 1 '13 at 13:36
Learn how to use jQuery to implement AJAX, specifically the load method. –  Marc Audet Apr 1 '13 at 13:38
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Use Ajax, I would recormend jQuery ajax, to update div.

Something like:

     $("#mylink").click (function () {
           type: "POST", // or GET
           url: "mylink.php",//what ever link you want to load
           data: "someData=someThing&someMore=somethingElse",
           success: function(data){
     return false; 
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