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I try understand how intval() works and one of the example is intval(042) = 34. As I know the default base is 10, so why it returns 34 instead 42. What role the zero playing in this example?

echo intval(042); //34
echo intval(42); //42
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The leading 0 tells php to interpret it as octal/base 8.

042 in octal is 34 in decimal.

You can find a list of other formats for integers in PHP here.

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To explain for those that don't understand base-8, the "tens" column is really "eights". Therefore (4 * 8) + 2 = 34, the parenthesis representing the "eights" column. –  Robert K Apr 1 '13 at 13:41

Numbers prefixed with 0 are considered octal numbers (base 8). 0428 = 3410

In fact, this has nothing to do with intval. If you just write echo 042; you'll get 34.

Similarly, you can also write numbers in hexadecimal. echo 0xff; gives 255.

And, as of PHP 5.4, you can even write numbers in binary: echo 0b1001; gives 9.

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+1 for the info about binary in 5.4+ didn't know that, neat. –  John V. Apr 1 '13 at 13:41

because 0 before a number mean that this number is a octal number ,try to convert 42 form octal to decimal it will give you 34

i hope this help you,

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