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I've looked for this issue since a while but I didn't find out any solution... I want to create a video from pictures with javacv (great, it works). But now I want to put in a sync way audio into my video. I heard I had to make a byte array with the sound data and then record() according to the audiobitrate/8 = audiobyterate but i didn't find a simple sample...I'm not the first asking this question but all the same questions are still unanswered

    IplImage Image = cvLoadImage("data/photo.jpg");
    FrameRecorder recorder = FFmpegFrameRecorder.createDefault("out.avi", 1920, 1080);
        for(int s=0; s<10; s++){
            for(int i=0; i<30; i++){
//Here I want to record my music.mp3 stream

Please help me, I'm desesperate :p Ps : I'm using javacv 0.3 FFMPEG 1.06 OpenCv 2.4.3

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