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I have created a module with 3 states as an itemrenderer. The states are called Movies, Songs and TvShows. The base state is empty. The itemRenderer consists of Hbox, Vboxes and labels.

And I have created a List component.

What I want to do is to populate data in my List component and make it visible using my ItemRenderer. Depending on the data that is pulled out from the database I want to show the itemRenderer's correct state. Hence if the record pulled out from the database is a song, I want to display the Song state, if it is a movie, I want to show the Movie state and so on.

So depending on the data that's pulled out, I would like to change the current state of itemrenderer. How would i do that? Can anybody show me an example how i would make this code?


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override the set data method of your CustomItemRenderer and assign the appropriate state based on the data.

override public function set data(value:Object):void
  super.data = value;
  if(data.type == "song")
    this.currentState = SONG_STATE;
  else if(data.type == "movie")
    this.currentState = MOVIE_STATE;
  else if //and so on...
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thanks it worked well. The Only thing i notice was that:

this.currentState = MOVIE_STATE;

should be

this.currentState = "MOVIE_STATE";



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with the above option you need to adjust all your data by looping trough your data arraycollection and setting the type to another state name.

Perhaps a better solution is looping trough all items of the list and change the state;

private function changeItemrendererState():void
        var item:mycustomitemrenderer;

        for(var i:uint = 0; i < itemlist.numElements; i++)
            item = itemlist.getElementAt(i) as mycustomitemrenderer;

            item.currentState = "mynewstate";
<s:Scroller focusEnabled="false" hasFocusableChildren="true">   
        <s:DataGroup dataProvider="{mydata}"  itemRenderer="skins.mycustomitemrenderer"  width="100%" height="100%" id="itemlist">
                <s:TileLayout horizontalGap="2" verticalGap="2" columnAlign="justifyUsingWidth"/>

This will not work if you use useVirtualLayout="true" it then would only affect the visible items.

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