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I've got a Jenkins box configured to build multiple projects that are hosted privately on GitHub. Each project has been assigned its own deploy key and is aliased via ~/.ssh/config as mentioned in this answer.

However, now I'm trying to setup triggered builds through the GitHub plugin's web hook at https://user:pass@myci.example.com/github-webhook, but it looks like I'm running into issues since my jobs are configured with repositories such as github-my-project:zacharydanger/my-project.git and the plugin's not recognizing them because it's trying to match it as git@github.com:zacharydanger/my-project.git.

Is there a workaround for this?

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Alright. Looks like there's no workaround, but this GitHub support page about managing deploy keys says that you can just create a user account for deploying. So I've added Jenkins' default public key to an account and given it pull access to the private repos it needs to build.

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