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I work for an IT shop that doesn't have budget to pay for controls. Is there an open source alternative to telerik grid for mvc? I would like a rich datagrids for my pages.

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you can take look this link for 12 opensource mvc grid controls… – Bhavik Patel Dec 12 '14 at 3:15
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There's also the MVCContrib.Grid that you might take a look at.

And if you are looking for a pure client side grid, there are gazillions of them like jqGrid, FuelUX datagrid, ...

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This is still the first google result for "mvc open source datagrid" so I'd suggest an edit: grid is not in the part of the kendo ui framework that telerik open-sourced. – C Bauer Nov 17 '14 at 13:10

Grid.MVC is an open source and working Grid with sorting and paging

(and unlike telerik you do not need to change anything on controller side just add reference in your view and use.)

To install nugget package (Install)

PM> Install-Package Grid.Mvc -Version 3.0.0 

In your view you can auto-create columns as below (or customize see User Guide)

@using GridMvc.Html


See Online Demo

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It is a dead project – Dimi Apr 19 at 18:57

Have a look at Mvc Contrib Grid. I've had good experience using this.

Another option is Webgrid. Source is availabe in Sourceforge

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