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I'm trying to load an applet through a webapp in tomcat. I have my my class files and the applet works if I open the HMTL file with applet in a browser. But if I try to open the same HMTL file through tomcat server it shows ClassNotFoundException. I don't understand what I am missing out here.

I have the HMTL file applet.html in the root directory of the webapp and have the class files and jar file in student app folder. I have my applet tag as

  width="450" height="450" 
  archive="studentapp.jar" />

The applet recognizes the class file when I open the applet.html file. but when I try to open it through the tomcat server localhost:8080/student/applet.html, it shows the exception.

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1) <--applet should be <applet & "studentapp.jar" /> should be "studentapp.jar" ></applet>. I doubt those changes will fix it but do them and edit the answer with new applet element. 2) what is located in localhost:8080/student/studentapp/ - give a directory listing. 3) What is in studentapp.jar edit the question with the output of jar -tvf studentapp.jar –  Andrew Thompson Apr 3 '13 at 0:27
Did you succeeded to deploy it? –  user592704 Apr 5 '13 at 3:28

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I suppose you should place your applet student folder to the Tomcat webapps folder... :S Anyway, please read carefully Tomcat deployment specifications before asking that kind of questions

Report if that was useful

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