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Anyone ever had this problem - I open QTP on my Primary machine and it tells me the resources are missing. This is odd since all QTP files are stored on a central file server. If I correct this it works fine. But, I open QTP on my secondary machine where I run the tests after building them, and I get the same missing resources. Opening the test on different machines and resetting the path to the resources is causing the missing resources.

I am guessing I am missing a system variable, but I am not sure what. I tried looking at the two machine system variables, but nothing look obvious that it is pointing to the QTP files.

Note- this just started occurring when I got a new primary machine. Unfortunately, I did not notice this until after they have already wiped my old machine. Again, I would expect that I need something in the System's Environment Variables, but I am not sure what.

Any ideas? Suggestions on something to read that might help? The name of a good psychic to direct me in finding the answer? :-)



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I'm not sure what you mean by If I correct this it works fine but I sometime see problems with a network mapping going stale, in that case just accessing the remote drive (cd /d x:) or re-preforming the net use fixes the problem.

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I hope this helps:


Are you working from ALM with Quality Center?

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