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I try to build my custom theme, based on "Galleria theme Classic", but I'm straggling to trigger class on my button, I think, I miss something,

   var g = this;
   this.$('play').text('Play').bind('mouseup', function() {
            g.toggleClass("highlight"); // - This line don't work

I get error @TypeError: g.toggleClass is not a function@

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It looks like you're calling toggleClass on the wrong element, or the element is not jQuery wrapped (not quite clear from posted code). Try this:


Or this:

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thx so much, g.$('play').toggleClass('highlight'); - this work fine, oh ...., what a simple fail –  Alexandr Sopkov Apr 1 '13 at 14:52

For reference, element.classList.toggle("classname") is another option.

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