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I tried to do the following query to subtract one day from the given date:


which returns me 2013-03-30, but it should return 2013-03-31.

If i try to subtract one day of 2013-04-02, i get 2013-04-01 correctly returned. Is this a date bug in mysql?

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It's not a bug - what you have found is the missing hour in daylight saving time: a thing unixtime and your calculation is unaware of since you calculate with seconds and not days.

This is exactly why DBMS have special DATETIME datatypes - to handle all the specialities in timezones, leap years, leap seconds, daylight savings and calendars.

Let the database do the work for you - here is an easier and better way to get what you want:

SELECT DATE('2013-04-01') - INTERVAL 1 DAY
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Your code makes the assumption that all days have 24 hours. Yesterday, 31st March, had 23 hours in most European countries. To subtract one day you need something like this:

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Why not use the built in DATE_SUB() function?


EDIT: No, This is NOT a date bug in MySQL.

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