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I have a POJO class like this:

public class EsigObjectWithDisplayName {

    private String objectCode;
    private String objectDisplayName;

    public EsigObjectWithDisplayName(Locale loc, String objectCode, String objectLocaleCode) {
        this.objectCode = objectCode;
        this.objectDisplayName = Res.s(loc, objectLocaleCode);
    public EsigObjectWithDisplayName(){}

    public String getObjectCode() {
        return objectCode;

    public String getObjectDisplayName() {
        return objectDisplayName;

and a AS class like this:

package ...
public class EsigObjectWithDisplayName
    public var objectCode:String;
    public var objectDisplayName:String;

    public function toString():String {
       return objectDisplayName;

The only way this gets populated is when i modify POJO fields' access to public.
I was under impression that defining public POJO accessors is all that BlazeDS needs for deserialization. What am missing here?

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You need both a getter and a setter, see this link:

For Java objects that BlazeDS does not handle implicitly, values found in public bean properties with get/set methods and public variables are sent to the client as properties on an Object.

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