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Am learning Gtk. I wanted to build a calculator, in which i want to display the number pressed , in the textbox. I have completed it, by calling different functions for different buttons clicked, and appending the value in the textbox with the value of the button pressed. Using python 2.7.3

Is there a way to obtain the label value of the button pressed so that i can use a single function instead of 10 functions from 0 to 9?

Thanks in advance

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Button callbacks include the widget itself, and you can also pass data. See here.

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instead of reading the label of the GtkButton, which is pretty much error prone, you should associate the value represented by the button to the button instance itself, e.g.:

button = Gtk.Button(label='1')
button._value = 1
# add button to the container
button.connect('clicked', on_button_clicked)

button = Gtk.Button(label='2')
button._value = 2
# add button to the container
button.connect('clicked', on_button_clicked)

and then read the value from the button instance inside the signal handler, e.g.:

def on_button_clicked(button):
    print 'you pressed the button of value: %d' % (button._value)

GtkWidget instances in Python are Python object, and thus behave like any other Python object.

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