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Writing an article with R + Sweave, I wish to hide the zero before decimal point for correlation results. For example, for a score of 0.85, I wish to show it as .85. Or if the score is negative, e.g. -0.85, it should be shown as -.85.

Right now I am doing it in a very ugly way, using substr(0.85, 2, 4) for positive values and paste("-", substr(-0.85, 3, 5), sep="") for negative values. I did some homework, checking functions such as format() and formatC in the base package, but none of them seemed to meet my needs.

So I wonder whether there is an easier way to hide the zero before decimal point in R? Any help is appreciated.

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I'd use a regular expression:

sub('^(-)?0[.]', '\\1.', c(0.85, -0.85))
## [1] ".85"  "-.85"
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Thank you so much! This looks so much better, and also looks superior to the answer in the other thread :) – dirkchen Apr 2 '13 at 17:40

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