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I have a table that gets populated with data based on a knockout model. I want to be able to use jQuery mobile's new column toggle feature but it's not working properly with rows populated from a knockout model.

Not sure how I can get this to work if someone could enlighten me that would be great.

Here is a jsfiddle of the issue, if you comment out the


the table should work as expected, but apply the bindings and the column rows never disappear.


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Until a patch comes out from jQM I resorted to doing this:


$('.holder table')
.attr('data-mode', 'columntoggle')
.attr('data-role', 'table')

which works really well for me as my data is just loaded in via ajax and is never changed.

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It appears that this is not a problem specific to knockout, but with the toggle-column table widget itself: https://forum.jquery.com/topic/jqm-1-3-0-dynamic-column-toggle-table

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I figured it was JQM's problem. Guess I'll have to wait until they patch it. Thanks. –  Dave Apr 2 '13 at 12:12

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