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I want to directly deliver some packets to the L4 layer when the packets get to the hook of NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING. I use the use ip_local_deliver() function. However, it does not work. May I know how I can make it work. Thank you!

Best Regards, Lawrence

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Some of your code would be useful to potential answerers :) – orique Apr 1 '13 at 16:33

Thanks for the suggestion! My code is in the following:

const char* hooks[] = {"NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING"};

unsigned int header(unsigned int hooknum, struct sk_buff* skb, const struct net_device *in, const struct net_device *out, int (*okfn)(struct sk_buff*)) {

struct sk_buff* nskb;
struct iphdr *iph = NULL;

nskb = skb;
  printk("%s\n", "*skb is NULL");
  return NF_ACCEPT;

iph = ip_hdr(nskb);
if(iph == NULL)
  printk("%s\n", "*iph is NULL");
  return NF_ACCEPT;

if ((iph->protocol == IPPROTO_UDP) || (iph->protocol == IPPROTO_ICMP)){

        printk("------delivered  --------\n");
        return NF_STOLEN;

return NF_ACCEPT;


static struct nf_hook_ops header_ops[] = {


              .hook     = header,

              .owner    = THIS_MODULE,

              .pf       = PF_INET,

              .hooknum  = 0, //NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING,

              .priority = NF_IP_PRI_FIRST,


static int __init init(void) {

  int ret;
  ret = nf_register_hooks(header_ops, ARRAY_SIZE(header_ops));
  if (ret < 0) {
      printk("http detect:can't register header_ops detect hook!\n");
      return ret;
  printk("insmod header_ops detect module\n");
  return 0;


static void __exit fini(void) {

 nf_unregister_hooks(header_ops, ARRAY_SIZE(header_ops));
 printk("remove header_ops detect module.\n");




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