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I am attempting to use overlays with figures to save myself from creating a different image for each slide. The overlay works with any text I include, but not with the figures. For example:

		Test A
		Test B
		Test C

Results in the text "Test B" and "Test C" being shaded on the first slide, but the figures corresponding to "problem-b" and "problem-c" are not shaded.

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For anyone that stumbles upon this, the best thing I've found so far is to use tikz and setup a custom transparency mode:

    \expandafter\xdef\csname beamer@oldcolorhook%
    \expandafter\xdef\csname beamer@oldpgfextension%
    \xdef\beamer@colorhook{\csname beamer@oldcolorhook%
    \xdef\beamer@pgfextension{\csname beamer@oldpgfextension%
    	{\node[opacity=\getbeamertrans] {\includegraphics{#1}};}%
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I've done something similar doing the following:

                \onslide<1->{Test A}                    
                \onslide<1->{Test B}
                \onslide<1->{Test C}

Maybe its useful to you

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You can find more information about using imported graphics in pdflatex in this document. Look for Chapter 12: "Overlaying Two Imported Graphics".

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