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I have developed a number of groovys used as plugins by Serviio. Many of the methods used by these plugins are common, but when changes are made, each plugin needs to be updated. Therefore I want to "include" those methods in each plugin from a tools.groovy. I have tried 2 different approaches suggested in other posts.

I tried using

evaluate(new File("C:\\Program Files\\Serviio\\plugins\\tools.groovy"))

at the start of each plugin where tools.groovy just has

class Tools{method1{return}method2{return}}

but when executing the plugin I get

Caught: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: Tools.main() is applicable for argument types: () values: []

If I then add

void main(args) { } 

to class Tools, the error goes away but that Tools.main is run instead of the plugin.main and I get no output.

My second approach as suggested was to use

def script = new GroovyScriptEngine( '.' ).with {
  loadScriptByName( 'C:\\Program Files\\Serviio\\plugins\\tools.groovy' )
this.metaClass.mixin script

This however gives the error

unexpected token: this @ line 55, column 2.
this.metaClass.mixin script

Any suggestions on how to make either of these solutions work would be appreciated.

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Did you try defining a common base script and giving it as a compiler configuration.


From the groovy documentation...

class ScriptBaseTest {

  void extend_groovy_script() {
    def compiler = new CompilerConfiguration()

    def shell = new GroovyShell(this.class.classLoader, new Binding(), compiler)

    assertEquals shell.evaluate("foo()"), "this is foo"

abstract class ScriptBaseTestScript extends Script {
  def foo() {
    "this is foo"
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