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cant believe i could not google this--i know this relates to image padding. Is it

myimage.%2d.png specifies a sequence like {myimage.01.png, myimage.02.png, myimage.03.png...


myimage.%3d.png specifies a sequence like {myimage.001.png, myimage.002.png, myimage.003.png...


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If your'e dealing with printf() style formatting ( and that's what it looks like to me ) you can use "myimage.%02d.png" to pad with zeros like your first sequence and "myimage.%03d.png" in the second sequence. You should really add some context to your question though...

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Thanks, I am trying to play image files with the js plug flipbook.js. But the principle is the same for any image sequence. –  user2066788 Apr 1 '13 at 18:08

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