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I'm working on a website that has a rotation of testimonials. I need something that is similar to the AdRotator class in .NET. However instead of rotating images I'd like to rotate text blocks which are formated with HTML/CSS. The source can be an XML file just like the ad rotator but I need three elements.

Author Name
Author Position Title

Does anyone know of something in .NET that does this? If not then I guess I will start working on writing a thread safe solution.

Thanks, Mike

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Ok. So with no answers I'm assuming that I will be writing some custom code. Considering this will be a website is it best to write this as a static class that doesn't have to be instantiated on each page request? How does a static class stand up to being thread safe? Thanks, Mike –  user172632 Oct 16 '09 at 15:05

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If you Google for JavaScript text rotators, you will find a lot of examples of what you want. However, you will have to write the code to get the data from the XML file (or from a database) and write it out into the page in such a way that the JavaScript functions can access it.

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Closed. I've gone ahead and wrote my own utility method for this.

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