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I'm trying to have a service operation achieve the following goals:

  • Does not allow the thread it is on to block
  • "waits" for the input from another service before returning

The first of these two is the capability that MVC asynchronous controllers have. I'm not sure if WCF iasync operation pattern is equally as clever about allowing the service-dispatch thread to return to the threadpool while it waits for the async operation to complete.

As for the "waiting" for input part, I'm curious if someone has a code sample or even a tiny framework that is designed to have the EndOperation invoked when some entirely unrelated event occurs in the system. If done correctly, the behavior might be equivalent to "long-polling."

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Well, use Asynchrone Service-Operation with the Keyword async. It works on .NET 4.5. The Reason of blocks are I/O Operation, which need more time to get the result.

public interface IFlightService

public class FlightService : IFlightService
   public async cancelFlight()
      await Task.Delay(5000); 
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